Autumn catch up

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Already well into autumn and I'm enjoying the colours changing- it is my favourite season. The visiting hedgehogs (my wild 'pets', who enjoy nibbling kitten biscuits!) are looking chubby and healthy, getting set up for the winter...

Apart from nibbling... I've enjoyed doing an acrylics workshop in Devon run by Hashim Akib, a well-known acrylic artist whose style I enjoy; he is author of several publications such as 'Vibrant Acrylics' and you can watch many of his demos on Youtube. During the workshop we tackled a range of subjects from still life, landscape and portrait. I have to say it was slightly daunting to be painting in front of other (unknown) people, not in my little studio with headphones on. I also avoid portraits as I am more comfortable painting landscapes and abstracts, but using Hash's 'robot box head technique' (not sure if this is the technical term!!) I was actually pretty pleased with my attempt.

Recently I've been working on some detailed pyrography pieces, which I'll share with you soon, as well as trying out coloured anodised aluminium jewellery...and a couple of small landscapes from my trip to Scotland.

Thanks to Hash for the encouraging words and valuable feedback.

Hashim Akibfrom Hashs workshop