Landscapes are my main subject for painting; they are endlessly fascinating and sometimes even a 'bleak' moor can be rich in textures and colours.

painting of Goatfell from Brodick Bay Isle of Arran
painting of moorland
painting of fallen tree in bluebell woods
Brinscall- Bluebell Woods with Fallen Tree (2020)
painting of autumn woods
Brinscall- Autumn Woods (2018)
Brinscall Moor (2020)
Gora (The Mountain) 2020
Moorland Cotton (2020)
Besalu (2019)
detail from Three Valleys View (2019)
Fresh Fields (2020)
Higher Path (Brinscall) 2020
Mossy Wall, Brinscall (2021)
Bourg D'Oisans (2020)
Oisans Valley (2020)
painting of fallen tree in bluebell woods
Tarn Hows (2020)
Wall at White Coppice (2020)
Lake at Mezaparks (2019)
Winter Hill Walk (2020)
Rest and Reflect (2019)
Wastwater (2021)
painting of Howgills landscape
Top of the Morning (2021)
Painting of canal and canalboat under bridge
True Colours (Hebden Bridge) (2021)
painting of boulder rock tree and road
A Wild Way (2021)